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Compensation Policy for Delayed Shipping

We guarantee that your order will be shipped out within two business days. Otherwise, according to this Policy, we will make a one-time compensation for you.


  • Orders from the HTVRONT official website (https://ca.htvront.com);
  • Orders mentioned in the Exceptional Cases, with a new shipping date agreed upon by both parties.
Compensation Ratio:
  • One business day delayed: 5% of the purchase order;
  • 2~4 business days delayed: 10% of the purchase order;
  • ≥ 5 business days delayed: 15% of the purchase order;
*You can apply compensation claims after the order is signed and the compensation will be made as a gift card.
Exceptional Cases:
  • You will receive compensation for pre-sale orders if the shipment is out of the guaranteed date. To know more, please check the "Pre-sale Shipping Policy."
  • If there is an inventory issue, customer service will contact you. The shipping date will be the time agreed upon by both parties. 
  • If the delivery can not be done due to the wrong address or zip code, customer service will contact you and deliver the order within the time agreed.
  • The shipment date is the first package's shipping time for orders delivered in multiple parcels.
  • This Policy is unavailable for delayed shipments caused by force majeure factors such as ports, logistics, and epidemics.
  • This Policy is unavailable for non-delivery or lost packages. Please refer to the "Return and Refund Policy."
  • According to the official website announcement, there will be an enhanced compensation service for special cases.
  • The final interpretation right belongs to HTVRONT, Sijiu Tech.
*This Policy will take effect after November 12, 2022. You can enjoy this compensation service within 15 days after the order is delivered.