Welcome to My Workshop--Megan Hill

Megan Hill is a brilliant small business owner who successfully combines her superb crafting skill with gently used and idle flannels. As a result of the innovative flashy flannel projects she made, she attracted tons of craft lovers and audiences and gained an excellent reputation on sorts of social media, inspiring and empowering her to build up her own craft workshop.  During this interview, Megan was so kind and generous that she invited the HTVRONT team to visit her workshop and enjoyed a nice talk. They talked about her business experience, ways to expand her customer base, and how the workshop grew over the years. Now, have a view of Megan’s workshop.

Motivation to start your handicraft career

Definitely my kids. I was spending a lot of money buying T-shirts for my kids, so I thought I could save money and make them myself. 

What's your first impression of HTVRONT

So I would usually purchase it from Amazon, and I would, just like type in the color of the vinyl that I needed, and I would just buy whatever had good reviews. I never really paid attention to what the brands were until, one time, I got in a heat transfer vinyl from HTVRONT. I remember thinking to myself like, "Wow, that's really thin, like on the T-shirts. It wasn't thick. It wasn't heavy." And I was really impressed because, a lot of times, people don't necessarily like the feel of vinyl on the shirts. But HTVRONT vinyl almost feels like a screen print. It's not heavy. And then, I was like, I need to pay attention to this brand so I can purchase it again.

What's your favorite product of HTVRONT

Definitely the sublimation paper. I guess the vinyl can also be one of my favorites. But I use the sublimation paper the most.

Your expectations of HTVRONT and LOKLIK

I don't think that I have further expectations. I will say I have been really happy with all of the HTVRONT products, so I can only imagine that LOKLIK will be the same. I'll be very happy with, you know, the cutting machine. And I've been really happy with my heat press. So I expect that they'll do great things.